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Dc operating points MCQs, dc operating points quiz answers for online learning engineering courses. Learn transistor bias circuits multiple choice questions (MCQs), dc operating points quiz questions and answers. Career test on dc operating points test prep for online electronics definitions courses distance learning.

Learn transistor bias circuits practice test MCQs: dc operating point of transistor is also known as, to learn engineering degrees with options quiescent point, load point, amplification point, junction point for online engineering colleges. Free skills assessment test for online learning dc operating points quiz questions for competitive assessment in engineering majors.

MCQ on DC Operating Points Quiz Book Download

MCQ: DC operating point of transistor is also known as

  1. quiescent point
  2. load point
  3. amplification point
  4. junction point


MCQ: DC point at which a transistor is biased specified by IC and VCE is

  1. P-point
  2. Q-point
  3. T-point
  4. S-point


MCQ: DC biasing is used to establish a steady le Vel of transistor current and voltage called

  1. AC operating point
  2. DC signal line
  3. DC operating point
  4. DC load line


MCQ: Quiescence is a state of

  1. acti Vity
  2. inacti Vity
  3. amplification
  4. switching


MCQ: Lower load line limit of BJT transistor is

  1. IC(saturation) and VCE(cutoff)
  2. IC(saturation) and VCE(saturation)
  3. IC=0 and VCE(cutoff)
  4. IC(saturation) and VCE=0