Zener Diode Quiz Question and Answers 26 PDF Download

Learn zener diode quiz questions, online electronics test 26 for distance learning degree, online courses. Colleges and universities courses MCQs on special purpose diodes quiz, zener diode multiple choice questions and answers to learn electronic circuit design quiz with answers. Practice zener diode MCQs career test assessment on current in semiconductors, current in semiconductors, amplifier operation, zener diode practice test with online electrical and electronics engineering theory test.

Study bachelor degree and masters degree in electrical and electronics engineering questions, zener diode online course has multiple choice question (MCQs): data sheet for a particular zener gives vz = 10 v at iz = 500 ma. z for these conditions is with options 20 ω , 50 ω, 0 ω and unknown for engineering jobs preparation of field engineer, project engineer, network engineer and design engineer. Learn special purpose diodes quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Zener Diode Worksheet 26

Zener Diode Quiz

MCQ: Data sheet for a particular zener gives VZ = 10 V at IZ = 500 mA. Z for these conditions is

  1. 20 Ω
  2. 50 Ω
  3. 0 Ω
  4. unknown


Amplifier operation Quiz

MCQ: Amplifier providing amplification without any distortion is known as

  1. non linear amplifier
  2. linear amplifier
  3. quad amplifier
  4. woofer


Amplifier operation Quiz

MCQ: Triode vacuum tube basically consists of

  1. two electrodes
  2. two cathodes
  3. three cathodes
  4. three electrodes


Current in semiconductors Quiz

MCQ: Occurance of conduction - band electrons falling back in holes is known as

  1. vibration
  2. ionization
  3. recombination
  4. transmission


Current in Semiconductors Quiz

MCQ: Current in a semiconductor is produced by

  1. holes only
  2. electrons only
  3. both electrons and holes
  4. negative ions