Phasors Quiz Question and Answers 34 PDF Download

Phasors quiz questions, learn electric circuit analysis online test prep 34 for distance learning, online degrees courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on sinusoidal steady state analysis quiz, phasors multiple choice questions and answers to learn electric circuit analysis quiz with answers. Practice phasors MCQs, mock test prep on electric potential, introduction, energy in a pair of coupled coils, instantaneous and average power, phasors practice test with electronics engineering technology textbook online questions.

Study phasors practice test with multiple choice question (MCQs), polar form 2.23<116.56° in rectangular form is equals to, for bachelor degree and masters in electrical and electronics engineering degree questions with choices −1+j1.99, −10.0+j20, 2+j340, 10+5j for mastering engineering with online tests of engineering schools students searching for jobs. Learn sinusoidal steady state analysis questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Phasors Worksheet 34

Phasors Quiz

MCQ: Polar form 2.23<116.56° in rectangular form is equals to

  1. −1+j1.99
  2. −10.0+j20
  3. 2+j340
  4. 10+5j


Instantaneous and Average Power Quiz

MCQ: Instantaneous power is measured in

  1. ohms
  2. Siemens
  3. watts
  4. henry


Energy in a Pair of Coupled Coils Quiz

MCQ: In a pair of coils, with L1=0.1 H and L2=0.2 H, at a certain moment, i1=4 A and i2=10 A, than total energy in coils if corresponding coupling coefficient is 0.1 H is

  1. 14.8 J
  2. 16.46 J
  3. 6.8 J
  4. 5.14 J


Introduction Quiz

MCQ: Set of parallel connected resistors are classified as

  1. voltage divider
  2. current divider
  3. power divider
  4. resistance divider


Electric Potential Quiz

MCQ: Electric potential is a

  1. scalar quantity
  2. vector quantity
  3. Can be scalar or vector
  4. none