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Spice features MCQs, spice features quiz answers to learn digital electronics courses online. Spice simulator multiple choice questions (MCQs), spice features quiz questions and answers for online masters degree. Spice noise analysis, spice transfer function analysis, spice features test prep for engineering certifications.

Learn spice simulator test MCQs: statement used to store an estimate of dc operating point during transient analysis is, with choices .op, .opt, .tran, and .ttran for online masters degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning spice features quiz questions for competitive assessment in engineering majors.

MCQ on SPICE Features Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Statement used to store an estimate of DC operating point during transient analysis is

  1. .OP
  2. .OPT
  3. .TRAN
  4. .TTRAN


MCQ: Statement which bypass initial DC operating point analysis is

  1. .OP
  2. .OPT
  3. .TRAN
  4. .TTRAN


MCQ: BIA program did only

  1. small signal analysis
  2. BJT circuit operating point analysis
  3. MOS circuit operating point analysis
  4. FET circuit operating point analysis


MCQ: In statement '.TRAN 1ns 100ns UIC .OP 20ns' operating point is calculated at t=

  1. 1 ns
  2. 100 ns
  3. 2 ns
  4. 20 ns


MCQ: Transient analysis in a SPICE first perform analysis of

  1. AC operating point
  2. DC operating point
  3. AC non operating point
  4. DC non operating point