Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL) MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn resistor transistor logic (rtl) MCQs, digital electronics online test for distance education, free online engineering courses prep. Practice bjts digital circuits multiple choice questions (MCQs), resistor transistor logic (rtl) quiz questions and answers. Mock test on rtl sr flip flop, diode transistor logic (dtl), resistor transistor logic (rtl) tutorials for online comparator in digital electronics courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in electrical engineering degree MCQs: in nand gate, if one of transistor is saturated than output will be, for online engineering courses with choices 1, 0, infinite, and 10 for online engineering consultants interview questions and answers with electronics engineering practice tests. Free skills assessment test is for online learn resistor transistor logic (rtl) quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL) Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In NAND gate, if one of transistor is saturated than output will be

  1. 1
  2. 0
  3. infinite
  4. 10


MCQ: In NAND gate, two transistor are connected to each other in

  1. series
  2. parallel
  3. can be series or parallel
  4. not connected


MCQ: Fan-in of RTL NOR gate can be increased by adding more

  1. input transistors
  2. output transistors
  3. capacitors
  4. resistors


MCQ: In simple transistor inverter, if we add parallel resistors to input of inverter i.e. base to get multiple inputs it will produce

  1. NAND gate
  2. AND gate
  3. NOR gate
  4. OR gate


MCQ: In NAND gate, output will be one if both transistors are in

  1. saturation mode
  2. cutoff mode
  3. linear mode
  4. breakdown mode