D Flip Flop Circuits Quiz Question and Answers 28 PDF Download

Learn d flip flop circuits quiz questions, digital electronics online test 28 for distance learning degrees, free online engineering courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on latches & flip flops quiz, d flip flop circuits multiple choice questions and answers to learn digital electronics quiz with answers. Practice d flip flop circuits MCQs, mock test assessment on dc load line, digital & analog signal, wired capability, mesfets basics, d flip flop circuits practice test for online digital electronics basics tutorial courses distance learning.

Study d flip flop circuits online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): d flip flop consist of, for bachelor degree and masters in electrical and electronics engineering degree questions with choices one inverter, two inverters, one buffer, two buffers with online study guide to prepare for employment tests and pre-employment screening test. Learn latches & flip flops quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on D Flip Flop Circuits Worksheet 28Quiz PDF Download

D Flip Flop Circuits Quiz

MCQ: D flip flop consist of

  1. one inverter
  2. two inverters
  3. one buffer
  4. two buffers


MESFETs Basics Quiz

MCQ: Production MESFETs are operated up to approximately

  1. 10 GHz
  2. 15 GHz
  3. 25 GHz
  4. 45 GHz


Wired Capability Quiz

MCQ: Wired AND can be converted into a wired OR, and vice versa, by using signals with

  1. additive level
  2. subtractive level
  3. reversed level
  4. forward level


Digital & Analog Signal Quiz

MCQ: Electronics that operate on digital signals is termed as

  1. Analog electronics
  2. Digital electronics
  3. DC electronics
  4. AC electronics


Dc Load Line Quiz

MCQ: In saturation region, base resistor of general BJT model will be 10kΩ with base supply voltage of 3V than collector current will be

  1. 0.32 mA
  2. 0.23 mA
  3. 2.23 mA
  4. 3.32 mA