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Electronic gates quiz, electronic gates MCQs answers, digital electronics quiz 211 to learn digital electronics courses online. Introduction to digital electronics quiz questions and answers, electronic gates multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice digital electronics test with answers for college and university courses. Learn electronic gates MCQs, basic cmos gate structure, inputs and outputs of ttl gate, evolution of ttl, electronic gates test prep for engineering certifications.

Learn electronic gates test with multiple choice question (MCQs): logic which uses thyristors and scrs to perform logic operations where high current and or high voltages are required is known as, with choices tunnel diode logic, neon logic, core diode logic, and 4layer device logic for online bachelor degree. Learn introduction to digital electronics questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Electronic Gates Worksheet 211Quiz Book Download

Electronic Gates Quiz

MCQ: Logic which uses thyristors and SCR?s to perform logic operations where high current and or high voltages are required is known as

  1. Tunnel diode logic
  2. Neon logic
  3. Core diode logic
  4. 4Layer Device Logic


Evolution of TTL Quiz

MCQ: First commercial integrated-circuit TTL devices were manufactured by Sylvania in

  1. 1953
  2. 1963
  3. 1973
  4. 1983


Inputs & Outputs of TTL Gate Quiz

MCQ: Something that pulls output up from ground is

  1. Pull up
  2. Pull down
  3. Pull high
  4. Pull low


Basic CMOS Gate Structure Quiz

MCQ: Two networks in CMOS logic gates are operated by input variables which are

  1. complement of each other
  2. equal to each other
  3. infinite
  4. zero


Basic Transistor Operation Quiz

MCQ: Smallest current in BJT is

  1. IE
  2. IC
  3. IB
  4. ID