Derating PD Maximum Quiz Question and Answers 151 PDF Download

Learn derating pd maximum quiz questions, digital electronics online test 151 for distance learning degrees, free online engineering courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on bipolar junction transistors quiz, derating pd maximum multiple choice questions and answers to learn digital electronics quiz with answers. Practice derating pd maximum MCQs, mock test assessment on gallium arsenide basics, low power schottky ttl, sense amplifier component, dynamic memory cell, derating pd maximum practice test for online digital electric tester courses distance learning.

Study derating pd maximum online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): a derating factor of 2 mw/°c indicates that for each degree increase in temperature reduce maximum power for each degree up to, for bachelor degree and masters in electrical and electronics engineering degree questions with choices 2 mw/°c, 4 mw/°c, 8 mw/°c, 6 mw/°c for online interview questions and answers for teaching assistant jobs, teacher jobs and engineering jobs. Learn bipolar junction transistors quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Derating PD Maximum Worksheet 151Quiz PDF Download

Derating PD Maximum Quiz

MCQ: A derating factor of 2 mW/°C indicates that for each degree increase in temperature reduce maximum power for each degree up to

  1. 2 mW/°C
  2. 4 mW/°C
  3. 8 mW/°C
  4. 6 mW/°C


Dynamic Memory Cell Quiz

MCQ: N-channel MOSFET in dynamic cell is called

  1. Pseudo transistor
  2. Access transistor
  3. BiCMOS transistor
  4. Switching transistor


Sense Amplifier Component Quiz

MCQ: One transistor DRAM circuit is a

  1. single ended circuit
  2. no ended circuit
  3. double ended circuit
  4. multi ended circuit


Low Power Schottky TTL Quiz

MCQ: 74ALS series has power dissipation of

  1. 0.5 mW
  2. 1.0 mW
  3. 1.5 mW
  4. 2.0 mW


Gallium Arsenide Basics Quiz

MCQ: Schottky-barrier diode is basic device of

  1. ECL
  2. DTL
  3. TTL
  4. GaAs