MESFETs Basics MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Mesfets basics MCQs, mesfets basics quiz answers for online learning engineering courses. Learn gallium arsenide digital circuits multiple choice questions (MCQs), mesfets basics quiz questions and answers. Career test on gaas dcfl basics, dcfl disadvantages, logic gates using mesfets, mesfets basics test prep for online basic concepts of electronics courses distance learning.

Learn gallium arsenide digital circuits practice test MCQs: production mesfets are operated up to approximately, to learn engineering degrees with options 10 ghz, 15 ghz, 25 ghz, 45 ghz for online engineering degree. Free skills assessment test for online learning mesfets basics quiz questions for competitive assessment in engineering majors.

MCQ on MESFETs Basics Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Production MESFETs are operated up to approximately

  1. 10 GHz
  2. 15 GHz
  3. 25 GHz
  4. 45 GHz


MCQ: In construction and terminology, MESFET is similar to

  1. BJT
  2. PMOS
  3. NMOS
  4. JFET


MCQ: Production transistors commonly used for microwave frequency communications and radar are

  1. BJTs
  2. PMOS
  3. NMOS
  4. MESFETs


MCQ: First MESFETs were developed in

  1. 1955
  2. 1966
  3. 1977
  4. 1988


MCQ: Instead of using a p-n junction for a gate, MESFET used

  1. metal-semiconductor junction
  2. non metal-semiconductor junction
  3. metal-conductor junction
  4. metal-superconductor junction