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Latches & Flip Flops Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn latches & flip flops multiple choice questions (MCQs), mastering digital electronics test 1 for online learning, course exam prep. Practice d flip flops MCQs, latches & flip flops questions and answers on d flip flops, sr flip flop, cmos implementation of sr flip flops, d flip flop circuits, latches test for online electronics engineering courses distance learning.

Free online latches & flip flops quiz, self-study student guide has multiple choice question: d flip flop tracks the with options output, input, source and ground for online mastering engineering with placement tests of engineering schools graduates for career planning. Study to learn online d flip flops quiz questions with digital electronics MCQs for electronics certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Latches & Flip Flops Test 1 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: D flip flop tracks the

  1. input
  2. output
  3. source
  4. ground


MCQ: In SR flip-flop, input labeled 'S' stands for

  1. Systematic
  2. Static
  3. Set
  4. Stable


MCQ: In CMOS SR flip flops, set-reset circuitry is made up of

  1. NMOS
  2. PMOS
  3. CMOS
  4. BiCMOS


MCQ: In master slave circuit, to maintain most of circuit charge we relay on

  1. bypass capacitor
  2. node capacitor
  3. input capacitor
  4. load capacitor


MCQ: Latches consist of

  1. inductors
  2. inverters
  3. timing generators
  4. frequency generators