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Gallium Arsenide Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn gallium arsenide digital circuits multiple choice questions, online digital electronics test 1 for colleges and universities test prep with e-learning degree, online courses. Practice mesfets functional architecture multiple choice questions (MCQs), gallium arsenide digital circuits quiz questions and answers on mesfets functional architecture, logic gates using mesfets, buffered fet logic, dcfl disadvantages career test for online electronic parts courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters in electrical and electronics engineering degree courses, online gallium arsenide digital circuits quiz, study guide has multiple choice question (MCQs): narrower gate modulated carrier channel, better ability of handling with options frequencies, input signal, supply voltage and switching with online learning guide for international exams' preparation like GRE test prep for good GRE percentiles. Practice skills assessment test to learn online mesfets functional architecture quiz questions with digital electronics MCQs for electronics certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Gallium Arsenide Digital Circuits Test 1Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Narrower gate modulated carrier channel, better ability of handling

  1. input signal
  2. frequencies
  3. supply voltage
  4. switching


MCQ: Heart of FET logic is formed by

  1. amplifier transistors
  2. switching transistors
  3. non switching transistors
  4. BJT transistors


MCQ: When source follower transistor is inserted in diode level switching network it is called

  1. Buffered FL
  2. SDFL
  4. DTL


MCQ: DCFL require transistor characteristics which are

  1. opposite
  2. matched
  3. random
  4. sequential


MCQ: Two diodes voltage drop in MESFET is approximately equals to

  1. 2 V
  2. 1.4 V
  3. 1 V
  4. 0.4 V