BiCMOS Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Book Download

Bicmos digital circuits multiple choice questions (MCQs), bicmos digital circuits test prep to learn digital electronics quiz 1 for degree certificate free online courses. Learn bicmos inverter multiple choice questions (MCQs), bicmos digital circuits quiz questions and answers. Free e-learning tutorial on bicmos inverter, dynamic operation test prep for online digital electronics basics courses distance learning.

Practice bicmos digital circuits career test with multiple choice question: bicmos as compared to bjts and mosfet to fabricate requires, for online engineering majors with options more mask stages, less mask stages, infinite mask stages, no mask stages for online electrical engineering bachelor's degree. Professional skills assessment test with learning online bicmos inverter quiz questions for engineering majors, competitive assessment tests.

MCQ on BiCMOS Digital Circuits Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: In BiCMOS inverters, saturation sometimes occurs due to resistance of

  1. drain region
  2. gate region
  3. emitter region
  4. collector region


MCQ: BiCMOS as compared to BJTs and MOSFET to fabricate requires

  1. less mask stages
  2. more mask stages
  3. infinite mask stages
  4. no mask stages


MCQ: At large output current in BiCMOS inverters, voltage developed across internal

  1. gate resistance
  2. collector resistance
  3. emitter resistance
  4. drain resistance


MCQ: BiCMOS Inverter has

  1. low input impedance
  2. high input impedance
  3. high output impedance
  4. slow switching speed


MCQ: Speed advantage of BiCMOS become evident only when gate is required to drive a

  1. small fan-out
  2. zero fan-out
  3. large fan-out
  4. infinite fan-out