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Ecl families MCQs, ecl families quiz answers to learn digital electronics online courses. Learn emitter coupled logic (ecl) multiple choice questions (MCQs), ecl families quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on ecl manufacturer specification, basic gate circuit, thermal effect, electronics: power dissipation, ecl families test prep for online basic electronics components courses distance learning.

Practice emitter coupled logic (ecl) test MCQs: ecl 10k series dissipates power per gate of about, for online engineering degree with choices 20 mw, 25 mw, 30 mw, and 35 mw for online engineering colleges. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, learning online ecl families quiz questions for competitive assessment in engineering majors.

MCQ on ECL Families Quiz Book Download

MCQ: ECL 10K series dissipates power per gate of about

  1. 20 mW
  2. 25 mW
  3. 30 mW
  4. 35 mW


MCQ: ECL 100K series dissipates power per gate of about

  1. 40 mW
  2. 50 mW
  3. 60 mW
  4. 70 mW


MCQ: ECL 100K series features gate propagation delays of order of

  1. 0.20 ns
  2. 0.25 ns
  3. 0.55 ns
  4. 0.75 ns


MCQ: ECL 10k series has edge speed of about

  1. 2 ns
  2. 2.5 ns
  3. 3 ns
  4. 3.5 ns


MCQ: Delay product of ECL 10K series is

  1. 20 pJ
  2. 30 pJ
  3. 40 pJ
  4. 50 pJ