Digital Circuits History MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn digital circuits history MCQs, digital electronics online test for distance education, free online engineering courses prep. Practice introduction to digital electronics multiple choice questions (MCQs), digital circuits history quiz questions and answers. Career test on digital electronics basics, properties, electronic gates, digital electronics fundamentals, digital circuits history tutorials for online basic electronics components courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in electrical engineering degree MCQs: binary number system was refined by, for online engineering courses with choices gottfried wilhelm leibniz, alexander graham bell, rosalind franklin, and francis crick for online electrical and electronics engineering degree preparation with online electrical, electronics engineering exam's quizzes. Free skills assessment test is for online learn digital circuits history quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Digital Circuits History Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Binary number system was refined by

  1. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
  2. Alexander Graham Bell
  3. Rosalind Franklin
  4. Francis Crick


MCQ: Modern era of electronics started with invention of transistor

  1. Bell laboratories
  2. Murray laboratories
  3. Walter laboratories
  4. Shockley laboratories


MCQ: First transistor was called a

  1. point-interact transistor
  2. point-contact transistor
  3. pin-contact transistor
  4. pin-interact transistor


MCQ: In 19th century, to perform logic operations vacuum tubes replaced

  1. switches
  2. transistors
  3. relays
  4. transformers


MCQ: Refined form of binary number system is published in

  1. 1700
  2. 1705
  3. 1805
  4. 1905