Circuit Structure MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn circuit structure MCQs, digital electronics online test for distance education, free online engineering courses prep. Practice cmos inverters multiple choice questions (MCQs), circuit structure quiz questions and answers. Mock test on circuit structure tutorials for online encoder in digital electronics courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in electrical engineering degree MCQs: cmos inverter circuit has pair of transistors which are, for online engineering courses with choices two pmos, two bjts, two nmos, and two complementary cmos for mastering engineering with online tests of engineering schools students searching for jobs. Free skills assessment test is for online learn circuit structure quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Circuit Structure Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: CMOS inverter circuit has pair of transistors which are

  1. two PMOS
  2. two BJTs
  3. two NMOS
  4. two complementary CMOS


MCQ: Threshold voltages of PMOS and NMOS in CMOS inverter are

  1. equal in magnitude
  2. opposite in magnitude
  3. infinite in magnitude
  4. zero


MCQ: Complementary CMOS of inverter source is connected to its

  1. source
  2. drain
  3. gate
  4. body


MCQ: Each switch is modeled by a finite ON resistance, which is the

  1. gate-drain resistance
  2. source-drain resistance
  3. source-gate resistance
  4. source -body resistance


MCQ: CMOS inverter can be represented by

  1. complementary resistors
  2. complementary inductors
  3. complementary capacitors
  4. complementary switches