Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) MCQs & Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Binary coded decimal (bcd) MCQs, binary coded decimal (bcd) quiz answers to learn digital electronics courses online. Number systems multiple choice questions (MCQs), binary coded decimal (bcd) quiz questions and answers for online bachelor degree. Octal number system, ebcdic, binary number system, binary coded decimal (bcd) test prep for engineering certifications.

Learn number systems test MCQs: 42 in bcd can be represented as, with choices 0100 0010, 1100 1101, 1100 1100, and 0011 0011 for online bachelor degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning binary coded decimal (bcd) quiz questions for competitive assessment in engineering majors.

MCQ on Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) Quiz Book Download

MCQ: 42 in BCD can be represented as

  1. 0100 0010
  2. 1100 1101
  3. 1100 1100
  4. 0011 0011


MCQ: BCD can be considered to be a subset of full binary notation, in which states used are

  1. 0000-1001
  2. 0000-1001
  3. 0001-1000
  4. 11111-00000


MCQ: Each decimal digit is separately encoded in four bits in

  1. BCD
  2. EBDID
  3. HNS
  4. ONS


MCQ: BCD stands for

  1. Binary Coded Decimal
  2. Binary Crust Decimal
  3. Bit Code Decimal
  4. none of others