FIM History Quiz Question and Answers 81 PDF Download

Fim history quiz questions and answers, fim history online learning, em theory test prep 81 for distance learning online engineering courses. College and university courses MCQs on metamaterials quiz, fim history multiple choice questions to practice advance electromagnetic theory quiz with answers. Learn fim history MCQs, career aptitude test on bohr's model, oriental polarization, dielectric permittivity, electric charge density, fim history practice test for online earth's electromagnetic field courses distance learning.

Practice fim history career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): in norway ship classification society det norske veritas (now dnv gl) developed sesam for use in analysis of ships in, for online engineering courses with options 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989 for online engineering bachelor degree. Learn metamaterials questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on FIM History Worksheet 81Quiz PDF Download

FIM History Quiz

MCQ: In Norway ship classification society Det Norske Veritas (now DNV GL) developed Sesam for use in analysis of ships in

  1. 1959
  2. 1969
  3. 1979
  4. 1989


Electric Charge Density Quiz

MCQ: In Maxwell's equation, ∇·D=ρev;, ρev known as

  1. magnetic charge density
  2. electric charge density
  3. magnetic field intensity
  4. electric field intensity


Dielectric Permittivity Quiz

MCQ: In a free space, permitivity relationship with E is

  1. directly proportional
  2. inversely proportional
  3. double of D
  4. no relationship exist


Oriental Polarization Quiz

MCQ: Magnetic polarity measurement of charges present in as system is termed as

  1. magnetic dipole moment
  2. electric dipole moment
  3. bond dipole moment
  4. transition dipole moment


Bohr's Model Quiz

MCQ: If an electron moves from higher to a lower energy level orbit, discrete energy must

  1. radiated
  2. zero
  3. absorbed
  4. infinite