Photon Energy MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Photon energy MCQs, photon energy quiz answers to learn online em theory courses. Learn time varying and harmonic electromagnetic fields multiple choice questions (MCQs), photon energy quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on surface current density, electromagnetic field theory, magnetic charge density, maxwell's equations, gauss's law, photon energy test prep for engineering certifications.

Practice time varying and harmonic electromagnetic fields test MCQs: in e=hv, h is, with choices harmonic constant, ioning constant, plank constant, and not a constant for online engineering degrees. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning photon energy quiz questions for competitive assessment in engineering majors.

MCQ on Photon Energy Quiz Book Download

MCQ: In E=hv, h is

  1. Harmonic constant
  2. Ioning constant
  3. Plank constant
  4. not a constant


MCQ: Experiments reveal that in some circumstances electromagnetic energy transfer at fixed frequency is better described as being carried in form of packets called (in case of photon)

  1. uanta
  2. quanta
  3. quana
  4. quant


MCQ: Equation for photon energy 'E' is

  1. hc/⋋
  2. h⋋/c
  3. c⋋/h
  4. ch⋋


MCQ: The photon energy at 1 ?m wavelength, wavelength of near infrared radiation, is approximately

  1. 1.2398eV
  2. 2.2398eV
  3. 0.2398eV
  4. 23.98eV