Metamaterials Electric & Magnetic Responses MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn metamaterials electric & magnetic responses MCQs, advance electromagnetic theory test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Metamaterials MCQs, metamaterials electric & magnetic responses multiple choice questions and answers, split ring resonator, ferrites, noble metals, dilute metals, metamaterials: electric & magnetic responses tutorials for online electromagnetic wave spectrum courses distance learning.

Advance electromagnetic theory practice test MCQ: magnetic polarization originate from flow of with options nucleus photons, nucleus protons, bounded electrons and orbital electrons for project engineer interview questions and answers with online engineering majors course preparation. Free study guide is for online learning metamaterials electric & magnetic responses quiz questions with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Metamaterials Electric & Magnetic Responses Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Magnetic polarization originate from flow of

  1. nucleus photons
  2. nucleus protons
  3. bounded electrons
  4. orbital electrons


MCQ: In optical regime, for all naturally existing materials

  1. µ=0
  2. µ=1
  3. µ=10
  4. µ=∞


MCQ: In equation, ∊r(w)=1-w2p.e/w2-w2o,e+iγw, 'wp is the

  1. resonant frequency
  2. positive frequency
  3. microwave frequency
  4. plasma frequency


MCQ: Wire radius r =1.0x10-6m, lattice constant d = 3.5x10-3m, than effective plasma frequency in radian per second will be

  1. 7.52x1010
  2. 7.52x10-10
  3. 17.52x1010
  4. 27.52x1010


MCQ: In equation, ∊r(w)=1-w2p.e/w2-w2o,e+iγw, γ is

  1. resonant factor
  2. dynamic factor
  3. damping factor
  4. plasma factor