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Process Framework Quiz Question and Answers 57 PDF Download

Learn process framework quiz questions, online software engineering test 57 for distance learning degree, online courses. Colleges and universities courses, MCQ on generic view of process quiz, process framework multiple choice questions and answers to learn software engineering quiz with answers. Practice process framework MCQ career test assessment on prototyping model, concurrent development model, waterfall model, engineering software, process framework practice test for online computer engineering courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters degree in computer science questions, process framework online course has multiple choice question (MCQ): activity which defines criteria for work product reuse and establishes mechanism to achieve reusable components is with options software corruption, software configuration management, work product preparation and production and reusability management for online university admission in undergraduate and masters degree programs in computer science. Practice generic view of process quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Process Framework Worksheet 57

Process Framework Quiz

MCQ: Activity which defines criteria for work product reuse and establishes mechanism to achieve reusable components is

  1. software corruption
  2. software configuration management
  3. work product preparation and production
  4. reusability management


Engineering Software Quiz

MCQ: Software characterized by number of conventional numerical algorithms are

  1. application software
  2. engineering software
  3. networking software
  4. embedded software


Waterfall Model Quiz

MCQ: Model in which any phase in development process begins only if previous phase is complete is

  1. Waterfall model
  2. RAD model
  3. Evolutionary process model
  4. Incremental process model


Concurrent Development Model Quiz

MCQ: In Concurrent Development Model, when initial communication is completed modeling makes a transition into

  1. under development state
  2. awaiting changes state
  3. done state
  4. none state


Prototyping Model Quiz

MCQ: In prototype model, quick design phase leads to construction of

  1. iteration
  2. quick plan
  3. construction
  4. prototype