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Capability Maturity Model Integration Quiz Question and Answers 16 PDF Download

Learn capability maturity model integration quiz, online software engineering test 16 for distance learning, online courses. Free software engineering MCQs questions and answers to learn capability maturity model integration MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on capability maturity model integration with answers, specialized process models, personal software process, evolution role of software, capability maturity model integration test for online masters in software engineering courses distance learning.

Free capability maturity model integration online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: capability level in which all of specific goals of process area have been satisfied is with choices level1:performed, level0:incomplete, level0:complete and level2:managed with online interview questions and answers for pre-employment exams of jobs placements, study generic view of process multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Capability Maturity Model Integration Worksheet 16

Capability Maturity Model Integration Quiz

MCQ. Capability level in which all of specific goals of process area have been satisfied is

  1. Level1:Performed
  2. Level0:incomplete
  3. Level0:complete
  4. Level2:Managed


Evolution Role Of Software Quiz

MCQ. Software deliver most important product of our time that is

  1. control
  2. information
  3. support
  4. Arthimatic operations


Personal Software Process Quiz

MCQ. In PSP, component level design is refined and reviewed by

  1. development
  2. planning
  3. high level design
  4. postmortem


Specialized Process Models Quiz

MCQ. COTS stands for

  1. Commercial off-the-shelf
  2. Computer off-the-shelf
  3. Count off-the-shelf
  4. Commercial on-the-shelf


Capability Maturity Model Integration Quiz

MCQ. SEI stands for

  1. Software Engineering Institute
  2. Software Enhance Institute
  3. Software Engineering Incremental
  4. Software English Institute