Semantic Web Technologies Quiz Questions and Answers 3 PDF Download

Learn semantic web technologies quiz online, semantic web test 3 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free semantic web technologies MCQs questions and answers to learn semantic web test with answers, three sublanguages of owl, introduction to semantic web, querying in sparql, from today web to semantic web, semantic web technologies practice test for online masters in software engineering courses distance learning.

Free online semantic web technologies course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: in semantic web ontology, relationship consists with choices hierarchies of objects, relationships of objects, classes of objects and classes of hierarchies for distance education for online masters degree and bachelor's degree distance learning exams, study semantic web vision multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Semantic Web Technologies Worksheet 3 Download PDF

Semantic Web Technologies Quiz

MCQ: In Semantic Web Ontology, relationship consists

  1. hierarchies of objects
  2. relationships of objects
  3. classes of objects
  4. classes of hierarchies


From Today Web to Semantic Web Quiz

MCQ: Best known example of wiki system is

  1. Facebook
  2. poker
  3. Gmail
  4. Wikipedia


Querying in SPARQL Quiz

MCQ: SPARQL is based on matching

  1. literal patterns
  2. class patterns
  3. graph patterns
  4. variable patterns


Introduction to Semantic Web Quiz

MCQ: RDF schema is made of up of a triplet i.e., object-attribute-value, known as

  1. triple
  2. sentence
  3. schema
  4. statement


Three Sublanguages of OWL Quiz

MCQ: Fully downward compatibility is provided by OWL Full using tradeoff of

  1. upward compatibility
  2. Human accessibility
  3. logic
  4. computational uncontrollability