Monotonic Rules Quiz Questions and Answers 1 PDF Online Download

Practice monotonic rules quiz, monotonic rules MCQs with answers, semantic web test prep 1 to learn semantic web for online computer science degree courses. Logic and inference rules quiz questions and answers, monotonic rules Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online information technology degree. Learn monotonic rules MCQs, description of owl language, owl and rdf/rdfs, monotonic rules test prep for computer and information science.

Learn monotonic rules multiple choice question (MCQs): in monotonic rule, expression x<sub>1</sub>, . . . x<sub>n</sub> denotes, with choices predicates, facts, goals, and variables for accelerated computer science degree online.

Quiz on Monotonic Rules with Answers 1 PDF Online Download

Monotonic Rules MCQ

1. In monotonic rule, expression X1, . . . Xn ? denotes

  1. predicates
  2. facts
  3. goals
  4. variables



2. One of limitation of RDFS is unable to restrict range property to some classes due to lack of

  1. special characteristics of properties
  2. Local scope of properties
  3. disjointness of classes
  4. boolean combination of classes


Description of OWL Language MCQ

3. At most one value for "salary" is an example of

  1. owl:SymmetricProperty
  2. owl:FunctionalProperty
  3. owl:InverseFunctionalProperty
  4. owl:TransitiveProperty


Monotonic Rules MCQ

4. DLP is

  1. intersection of Horn logic and OWL
  2. union of Horn logic and OWL
  3. complement of Horn logic and OWL
  4. inverse of Horn logic and OWL


Applications of Semantic Web MCQ

5. Acronym of FOAF is

  1. family of a family
  2. fan of a fan
  3. friend of a friend
  4. face of a face