Uses of Arrays MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Uses of arrays MCQs, learn php online test prep for IT degree, online courses. Practice php multidimensional arrays multiple choice questions (MCQs), uses of arrays quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on uses of arrays, iterations, multidimensional arrays, what are php arrays aptitude test for online apache PHP MySQL courses distance learning.

Study php multidimensional arrays aptitude test MCQs: indices of arrays can be either strings or numbers and they are denoted as, for free online computer science courses with choices $my_array {4}, $my_array [4], $my_array| 4 | for online competitive exams, certifications tests for financial aids, scholarships contests in universities. Free skills assessment test is for online learning uses of arrays quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Uses of Arrays Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Indices of arrays can be either strings or numbers and they are denoted as

  1. $my_array {4}
  2. $my_array [4]
  3. $my_array| 4 |
  4. None of them


MCQ: Arrays that can store their values in association with unique keys or indices are called

  1. Associative arrays
  2. Key based arrays
  3. indices based arrays
  4. All of them


MCQ: An array is a collection of

  1. Strings
  2. Characters
  3. Indexed variables
  4. Functions


MCQ: Unlike vector arrays of C and C++ PHP arrays can store

  1. Same type of data
  2. Varied types of data
  3. Small amount of data
  4. All of them