Numerical Types Quiz Questions and Answers 8 PDF eBook Download

Numerical types quiz, numerical types MCQs with answers, php test prep 8 for web developer certification for web developer. Php number handling quiz questions and answers, numerical types multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online web developer degree. Free numerical types MCQs, php exam questions, printing and output, transformation of arrays, constants, numerical types test prep for cheapest online computer science degree.

Learn numerical types MCQ with multiple choice questions: how many numerical types are allowed in php, with choices 1, 2, 3, and 4 for computer and information science. Learn php number handling questions and answers, problem-solving for merit scholarships assessment test for top online computer science programs.

Quiz on Numerical Types Worksheet 8 PDF eBook Download

Numerical Types MCQ

MCQ: How many numerical types are allowed in PHP?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4


Constants MCQ

MCQ: Constants in PHP are not denoted by $ sign but they are differentiated by

  1. Lowercase letters
  2. Uppercase letters
  3. Asterisk sign <strong> * </strong>
  4. Hash sign <strong> # </strong>


Transformation of Arrays MCQ

MCQ: What does explode ( ) function do?

  1. Converts a string into integers
  2. Converts a string into arrays
  3. Finds the length of array
  4. Finds the length of string


Printing and Output MCQ

MCQ: Printf ( ) function sends resulting string

  1. Directly to the output
  2. To the sprintf ( ) function
  3. To the scanf ( ) function
  4. None of them


PHP Exam Questions MCQ

MCQ: There are how many main methods for passing information between web pages and server

  1. 2 methods
  2. 3 methods
  3. 4 methods
  4. A lot of methods