How Sessions Work in PHP Quiz Questions and Answers 5 PDF Book Download

How sessions work in php quiz, how sessions work in php MCQs answers, php quiz 5 to learn web designing courses online. Working with cookies and sessions quiz questions and answers, how sessions work in php multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice php test with answers for college and university courses. Learn how sessions work in php MCQs, php and case sensitive, php for java programmers, comparison and searching, how sessions work in php test prep for website design certification.

Learn how sessions work in php test with multiple choice question (MCQs): when a session ia active, php provides a special constant called, with choices sid, cid, did, and none of them for undergraduate degree. Learn working with cookies and sessions questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for web developer certification.

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How Sessions Work in PHP Quiz

MCQ: When a session ia active, PHP provides a special constant called

  1. SID
  2. CID
  3. DID
  4. None of them


Comparison and Searching Quiz

MCQ: For finding out one string is equal to another string which function we can use?

  1. strpid ( )
  2. strpos ( )
  3. str ( )
  4. All of them


PHP for Java Programmers Quiz

MCQ: SAPI stands for

  1. Java Service Access Point Identifier
  2. Java Scripts Access Point Identity
  3. Java Sockets Applet Point
  4. None


PHP and Case Sensitive Quiz

MCQ: PHP is sometimes

  1. Case sensitive
  2. Used as programming language
  3. Used for front end designing
  4. All of them


Mathematical Operator Quiz

MCQ: Which operators have higher precedence?

  1. Arithmetic operators
  2. Comparison operators
  3. Logical operators
  4. Boolean operators