Transformation of Arrays Quiz Questions and Answers 35 PDF Book Download

Transformation of arrays quiz, transformation of arrays MCQs answers, php quiz 35 to learn web designing courses online. Advanced array functions quiz questions and answers, transformation of arrays multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice php test with answers for college and university courses. Learn transformation of arrays MCQs, function scope, randomness, network functions, transformation of arrays test prep for website design certification.

Learn transformation of arrays test with multiple choice question (MCQs): shuffle ( ) function operates directly on its array arguments and changes it, that's why it is called, with choices constructive function , destructive function , array changing function , and none of them for undergraduate degree. Learn advanced array functions questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for web developer certification.

Quiz on Transformation of Arrays Worksheet 35Quiz Book Download

Transformation of Arrays Quiz

MCQ: Shuffle ( ) function operates directly on its array arguments and changes it, that's why it is called

  1. Constructive Function
  2. Destructive function
  3. Array changing function
  4. None of them


Network Functions Quiz

MCQ: Syslog function allows you to

  1. Open a system for a program
  2. Generate a message
  3. Delete a File
  4. Both A and B


Randomness Quiz

MCQ: Rand ( ) and mt_ rand ( ) functions are examples of

  1. Arithmetic functions
  2. Boolean functions
  3. Comparison functions
  4. Randomness functions


Function Scope Quiz

MCQ: In PHP6 function is defined once in a script and then it is available everywhere in script which means that?

  1. The function has local scope
  2. The function has restricted scope
  3. The function has global scope
  4. None of them


PHP: Regular Expressions Quiz

MCQ: Which function from following is not included in PHP6?

  1. ereg ( )
  2. ereg_replace ( )
  3. eregi ( )
  4. All of them