PHP Mailing Lists Quiz Questions and Answers 52 PDF Book Download

Php mailing lists quiz, php mailing lists MCQs with answers, php test prep 52 to learn online web development courses. Php for web designers quiz questions and answers, php mailing lists multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online web developer degree. Learn php mailing lists MCQs, php superglobal arrays, branching in php, php comments, transformation of arrays, php mailing lists test prep for web developer certification.

Learn php mailing lists MCQ with multiple choice questions: internationalization and localization mailing list is denoted by, with choices php.announce, php.smarty, php.il8n, and php.gtk for online information technology degree programs. Learn php for web designers questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for web developer certification.

Quiz on PHP Mailing Lists Worksheet 52 PDF Book Download

PHP Mailing Lists MCQ

MCQ: Internationalization and localization mailing list is denoted by

  1. php.announce
  2. php.smarty
  3. php.il8n
  4. php.gtk


Transformation of Arrays MCQ

MCQ: A function that takes an array and returns a new array, where old values are changed with new keys?

  1. array_keys ( )
  2. array_values ( )
  3. array_count_values
  4. None of them


PHP Comments MCQ

MCQ: This statement /* My PHP File */ is an example of

  1. Single line comment
  2. Multiline comments
  3. Variable declaration
  4. None of them


Branching in PHP MCQ

MCQ: For using multiple possible branches based on a single value which branching style do you prefer?

  1. If statements
  2. Switch statements
  3. While statements
  4. Do while statements


PHP Superglobal Arrays MCQ

MCQ: PHP stores all global variables in an array called

  1. $GLOBAL_ARRAY [ ]
  2. $G_ARRAY [ ]
  3. $GLOBALS [ ]
  4. $GLOB_ARRAY [ ]