User Visible Registers MCQs & Quiz Online PDF eBook Download

User visible registers multiple choice questions (MCQs), user visible registers quiz answers for online computer science degree. Computer system overview MCQs, user visible registers quiz questions and answers for free online classes. Learn input output and communication techniques, processor registers, cache design, user visible registers test prep for BSc computer science.

Learn computer system overview MCQ: index register involves adding an, with choices index, instruction, information, and i/o device for free online classes. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning user visible registers quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major for online computer science schools.

MCQs on User Visible Registers PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Index register involves adding an

  1. Index
  2. Instruction
  3. Information
  4. I/O device


MCQ: Segment pointers divided memory into

  1. Register
  2. Process
  3. Segments
  4. Scaling


MCQ: Address registers contain main memory addresses of

  1. Scheduling
  2. Registers
  3. Protocols
  4. Data and instruction


MCQ: Stack pointer is a register that points to the

  1. Pop of the stack
  2. Push of the stack
  3. Top of the stack
  4. Bottom of the stack


MCQ: Data register can be assigned to a

  1. Variety of Functions
  2. Variety of Devices
  3. Variety of Programs
  4. Variety of systems