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User operating system interface MCQs, user operating system interface quiz answers to learn CS online courses. Learn system structures multiple choice questions (MCQs), user operating system interface quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on user operating system interface test prep for computer certification exams.

Practice system structures test MCQs: aqua user interface was appeared with, for online computer science degree with choices windows, shells, mac os, and bourne shell for information systems careers. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, learning online user operating system interface quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for certified learning professionals.

MCQ on User operating system interfaceQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Aqua user interface was appeared with

  1. windows
  2. shells
  3. MAC OS
  4. Bourne shell


MCQ: Directories in Linux are known as

  1. commands
  2. graphics
  3. text
  4. folders


MCQ: In command rm file.text of operating system program, file.txt is a

  1. format
  2. file name
  3. file type
  4. both b and c


MCQ: OS is responsible for transferring data to

  1. memory
  2. I/O devices
  3. ALU
  4. monitor


MCQ: To point a file or folder a Graphical User Interface uses

  1. pointer
  2. common line interface
  3. file based interface
  4. voice based interface