Security Issues MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn security issues MCQs, online operating systems test for e-learning degrees, online courses prep. Practice process description and control multiple choice questions (MCQs), security issues quiz questions and answers. Career test on what is process test, security issues tutorials for online desktop operating system courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters degree courses, online computer science degree programs MCQs: in computer systems authentication is fundamental building block in with options security context, control context, execution context and performance context with online distance learning for bachelor of computer science program courses. Free skills assessment test is for online learn security issues quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Security IssuesQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: In Computer systems authentication is fundamental building block in

  1. Security Context
  2. Control Context
  3. Execution Context
  4. Performance Context


MCQ: Intruders are most common security threat which is known to be

  1. Account Access
  2. Data Access
  3. Hacker or Cracker
  4. Computer Access


MCQ: Communication in client server systems may uses Sockets and

  1. Process Control Block (PCB)
  2. Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)
  3. Kernel mode
  4. Registers


MCQ: In processes, access control implements a

  1. Security Policy
  2. Access Policy
  3. Control Policy
  4. Check Policy


MCQ: A computer program is a passive collection of instructions, while a process is

  1. a procedure
  2. a data structure technique
  3. a data analysis technique
  4. an actual execution of those instructions