User operating system interface Quiz Questions and Answers 80 PDF Download

Learn user operating system interface quiz online, operating systems test 80 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free user operating system interface MCQs questions and answers to learn operating system quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on user operating system interface test with answers, computer system organization, major achievements in os, what operating system do, concurrency deadlock and starvation, user operating system interface practice test for online software engineering degree courses distance learning.

Free online user operating system interface course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: cde program of operating system is an abbreviation of with choices common desktop environment, command desktop environment, common dual environment and command dual environment with online questions to ask in an interview for employment assessment of jobs' seekers, study system structures multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on User operating system interface Worksheet 80 Quiz PDF Download

User operating system interface Quiz

MCQ: CDE program of operating system is an abbreviation of

  1. common desktop environment
  2. command desktop environment
  3. common dual environment
  4. command dual environment


Concurrency Deadlock and Starvation Quiz

MCQ: To solve dining philosophers, monitor consist of two

  1. Users
  2. Programs
  3. Applications
  4. Procedures


What operating system do Quiz

MCQ: Workstations and servers for connection between devices requires

  1. Hub
  2. network
  3. memory
  4. Registers


Major Achievements in OS Quiz

MCQ: Failed mutual exclusion permits to perform one routine at in a

  1. Location
  2. Time
  3. File
  4. Bus


Computer system organization Quiz

MCQ: To store data and instruction, smallest memory unit computer system has is said to be

  1. cache
  2. ROM
  3. RAM
  4. register