Microkernel Architecture Quiz Questions and Answers 42 PDF Download

Learn microkernel architecture quiz online, operating systems test 42 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free microkernel architecture MCQs questions and answers to learn operating system quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on microkernel architecture test with answers, operating system structure, what operating system do, system calls in operating system, microkernel architecture practice test for online windows 10 OS courses distance learning.

Free online microkernel architecture course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: a microkernel architecture works well in context of an with choices object oriented operating system, internal device, interface and attractive feature for online learning for bachelor's degree and masters degree distance learning exams, study threads, smp & microkernels multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Microkernel Architecture Worksheet 42 Quiz PDF Download

Microkernel Architecture Quiz

MCQ: A microkernel architecture works well in context of an

  1. Object Oriented Operating System
  2. Internal device
  3. Interface
  4. Attractive Feature


System calls in Operating System Quiz

MCQ: Prewritten classes that includes java packages, classes and interfaces along with methods are known as

  1. Java Application Programming Interface (API)
  2. API
  3. Programming interface
  4. Object based interface


What operating system do Quiz

MCQ: One that is not a part of a computer system is

  1. hardware
  2. operating system
  3. users
  4. vendors


What operating system do Quiz

MCQ: Along with kernel, operating system also contains

  1. system application
  2. software application
  3. hardware resources
  4. both a and b


Operating system structure Quiz

MCQ: Job pool is program of operating system that is located in

  1. RAM
  2. ROM
  3. hard disk
  4. Cache