User operating system interface Quiz Questions and Answers 39 PDF Download

Learn user operating system interface quiz, online operating systems test 39 for online courses, distance learning. Free operating system MCQs questions and answers to learn user operating system interface MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on user operating system interface, computer system organization, computer architecture and organization, system calls in operating system, thread states for computer engineering graduate test prep.

Free user operating system interface course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as first version of internet explorer was introduced in with options 20-jul-90, 16-feb-98, 16-aug-95 and 16-jan-00 with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study system structures multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on User operating system interface Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 39

User operating system interface Quiz

MCQ. First version of internet explorer was introduced in

  1. 20-Jul-90
  2. 16-Feb-98
  3. 16-Aug-95
  4. 16-Jan-00


Computer system organization Quiz

MCQ. Saving data and making its copy for future use is called

  1. back up
  2. copying
  3. Cloning
  4. Duplicating


Computer Architecture and Organization Quiz

MCQ. Symmetric multiprocessing in computer system does not use

  1. master relationship
  2. slave relationship
  3. master slave relationship
  4. serial processing


System calls in Operating System Quiz

MCQ. System calls of operating system is done by

  1. programmer
  2. caller
  3. developer
  4. engineer


Thread States Quiz

MCQ. When a process is spawned, a thread for that process is also

  1. Complete
  2. Spawned
  3. Closed
  4. Update