User Visible Registers Quiz Questions and Answers 21 PDF Book Download

User visible registers quiz, user visible registers MCQs with answers, operating system test prep 21 to learn IT courses for online information technology degree. Computer system overview quiz questions and answers, user visible registers multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice operating system test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn user visible registers MCQs, types of system calls, operating system services, computer system architecture, user visible registers test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn user visible registers test with multiple choice question (MCQs): segment pointers divided memory into, with choices register, process, segments, and scaling for online bachelor's degree information technology. Learn computer system overview questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for IT certifications.

Quiz on User Visible Registers Worksheet 21Quiz Book Download

User Visible Registers Quiz

MCQ: Segment pointers divided memory into

  1. Register
  2. Process
  3. Segments
  4. Scaling


Computer System Architecture Quiz

MCQ: Each node in clustered system of computer system monitors

  1. Previous node
  2. Current node only
  3. neighboring node
  4. One or more nodes


Operating system services Quiz

MCQ: For web based computing system, computer used are normally

  1. personal computers
  2. servers
  3. network computers
  4. tablets


Types of system calls Quiz

MCQ: Dump of memory of computer system is examined by the

  1. programmer
  2. designer
  3. debugger
  4. engineer


Process Control Structure Quiz

MCQ: Process control information is additional information needed by the

  1. User
  2. Operating System
  3. CPU
  4. Process