M+G88:G92icrokernel Architecture Quiz Questions and Answers 19 PDF Download

Learn m+g88:g92icrokernel architecture quiz questions, operating system online test 19 for distance learning degrees, free online IT courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on threads, smp & microkernels quiz, m+g88:g92icrokernel architecture multiple choice questions and answers to learn operating system quiz with answers. Practice m+g88:g92icrokernel architecture MCQs, ETS GRE test assessment on addressing in os, basic elements, consumable resources, m+g88:g92icrokernel architecture practice test for online Unix courses distance learning.

Study m+g88:g92icrokernel architecture online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): microkernel lends itself to, for bachelor degree and masters in data science degree questions with choices computers, systems, distributed systems, applications for students, scholars and online tutors' study resource for classroom interactive questions with answers. Learn threads, smp & microkernels quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on M+G88:G92icrokernel Architecture Worksheet 19Quiz PDF Download

M+G88:G92icrokernel Architecture Quiz

MCQ: Microkernel lends itself to

  1. Computers
  2. Systems
  3. Distributed Systems
  4. Applications


Consumable Resources Quiz

MCQ: A consumable resource is one that can be

  1. Access
  2. Count
  3. Created
  4. Control


Basic Elements Quiz

MCQ: Memory modules consist of

  1. Set of Instructions
  2. Set of Registers
  3. Set of Locations
  4. Set of Programs


Basic Elements Quiz

MCQ: Processor is often referred to

  1. Central Processing Unit
  2. Hardware
  3. System Bus
  4. I/O Modules


Addressing in OS Quiz

MCQ: In addressing, a many to one relationship is useful for

  1. Client Interaction
  2. Client/Server Interaction
  3. Server Interaction
  4. Master/Slave interaction