Operating system operations Quiz Questions and Answers 17 PDF Download

Learn operating system operations quiz online, operating systems test 17 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free introduction to operating systems quiz, operating system operations quiz questions and answers to learn operating system MCQs with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on operating system operations MCQs with answers, computer system architecture, user operating system interface, development leading to modern operating system, operating system operations practice test for online 64 bit operating system courses distance learning.

Free online operating system operations course worksheet has multiple choice question: kernel mode of operating system is also called with options user mode, system mode, supervisor mode and data mode for online preparation of mock interview with interactive trivia quiz questions for education jobs, study introduction to operating systems multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Operating system operations Worksheet 17 Quiz PDF Download

Operating system operations Quiz

MCQ: Kernel mode of operating system is also called

  1. user mode
  2. system mode
  3. supervisor mode
  4. Data mode


Development Leading to Modern Operating System Quiz

MCQ: With help of incremental growth a user can enhance performance of a

  1. I/O Modules
  2. System
  3. Programmed I/O
  4. Process


User operating system interface Quiz

MCQ: To point a file or folder a Graphical User Interface uses

  1. pointer
  2. common line interface
  3. file based interface
  4. voice based interface


Computer System Architecture Quiz

MCQ: Multi-processor systems of computer system has advantage of

  1. cost
  2. reliability
  3. uncertainty
  4. scalability


Operating system operations Quiz

MCQ: Time sharing systems of computer system have

  1. clusters
  2. nodes
  3. file system
  4. Data Blocks