Assembly Language Quiz Questions and Answers 107 PDF Download

Learn assembly language quiz questions, online introduction to computer technology test 107 for distance learning degree, online courses. Colleges and universities courses, MCQ on computer languages quiz, assembly language multiple choice questions and answers to learn introduction to computer technology quiz with answers. Practice assembly language MCQ career test assessment on decimal number system, magnetic disks, turing machine and turing test, assembly language practice test for online computer knowledge courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters in computer science degree questions, assembly language online course has multiple choice question (MCQ): input to an assembler software goes as with options machine language program, high-level language program, system level language program and assembly language program for online viva voce, competitive exams' preparation and online distance educational learning. Learn computer languages quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Assembly Language Worksheet 107 Download PDF

Assembly Language Quiz

MCQ: Input to an assembler software goes as

  1. Machine language program
  2. High-level language program
  3. System level language program
  4. Assembly language program


Turing Machine and Turing Test Quiz

MCQ: Turing machine was a simpler kind of computer capable of performing operations limited to

  1. Reading symbols
  2. Writing symbols
  3. Storing symbols
  4. Reading and writing symbols


Magnetic Disks Quiz

MCQ: Binary coding scheme used in recording data in magnetic disk is known to be

  1. BCD
  3. ASCII


Decimal Number System Quiz

MCQ: Generated output after conversion of this decimal number i.e. 2586 is equals to

  1. 573
  2. 927
  3. 2086
  4. 2586


Turing Machine and Turing Test Quiz

MCQ: In modern computability theory, one of key abstractions is known to be

  1. Arithmometre machine
  2. Pascaline machine
  3. Ross-shire machine
  4. Turing machine