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HTML Colors Quiz Questions and Answers 17 PDF eBooks Download

Html colors quiz questions, html colors MCQs with answers pdf 17 to study web development course online. Practice "introduction to html" quiz questions and answers, html colors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to practice html test with answers for online information technology degree. Free html colors MCQs, MCQs, html audio, html links, html lists, html basics, html colors test prep for web design certifications.

"In HTML you can display a color by using only", html colors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices hex values, rgb values, gray codes, and both a and b for online computer science degree. Learn introduction to html questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for IT certifications.

Quiz Questions on HTML Colors 17

HTML Colors Quiz

MCQ: In HTML you can display a color by using only

  1. RGB Values
  2. HEX Values
  3. Gray Codes
  4. Both A and B


HTML Basics Quiz

MCQ: Which tag is used to define links in HTML document?

  1. <p>
  2. <h1>
  3. <a>
  4. <img>


HTML Lists Quiz

MCQ: The HTML <dl> tag defines the

  1. Unordered list
  2. Ordered list
  3. Description list
  4. Descriptive list


HTML Links Quiz

MCQ: In HTML links an unvisited link is underlined and

  1. Red colored
  2. Blue colored
  3. Black colored
  4. None


HTML Audio Quiz

MCQ: .midi extension file format is a\an

  1. Video format
  2. Audio format
  3. Movie format
  4. Graphics format