Size and Depth Perception Quiz Questions and Answers 1 PDF Download

Learn size and depth perception quiz, online hci test 1 for distance learning, online courses. Free hci MCQs questions and answers to learn size and depth perception with answers, ears as input output channel, input output channels, brightness perception, eyes as input output channel, size and depth perception test for online HCI courses distance learning.

Free size and depth perception online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: perception of size by human eye depends upon with choices visual angle, visual acuity, visual field and other factors for formative assessment, summative assessment of students and jobs seekers with online courses and jobs tests, study visual perception multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Size and Depth Perception Worksheet 1 Download PDF

Size and Depth Perception Quiz

MCQ. Perception of size by human eye depends upon

  1. visual angle
  2. visual acuity
  3. visual field
  4. other factors


Eyes as Input Output Channel Quiz

MCQ. Photoreceptors of eyes that allows color vision are called

  1. rods
  2. lens
  3. corneas
  4. cones


Brightness Perception Quiz

MCQ. Function between luminance of an object and its background is called

  1. contrast
  2. flicker
  3. saturation
  4. intensity


Input Output Channels Quiz

MCQ. Generally, computer input in human computer interaction is

  1. computer output
  2. computer input
  3. user input
  4. user output


Ears as Input Output Channel Quiz

MCQ. Visible section of an ear is called

  1. inner ear
  2. middle ear
  3. medium ear
  4. outer ear