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Introduction Quiz Question and Answers 6 PDF Download

Learn introduction quiz, online data structures and algorithms test 6 for distance learning, online courses. Free data structures and algorithms MCQs questions and answers to learn introduction MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on introduction with answers, lists, need for data structures, sets and relations, arrays, pointers and structures, introduction test with interactive online quiz tool.

Free introduction online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: algorithm that begins with rst position in array and looks at each value in turn until it is found is known to be with choices linear seaching , binary searching, sequential searching and tree searching for online competitive test preparation for job hiring, graduate jobs and research jobs preparation, study algorithm analysis multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Introduction Worksheet 6

Introduction Quiz

MCQ. Algorithm that begins with ?rst position in array and looks at each value in turn until it is found is known to be

  1. Linear seaching
  2. Binary searching
  3. Sequential searching
  4. Tree searching


Arrays, Pointers and Structures Quiz

MCQ. Primitive method of using an array is said to be

  1. Vector
  2. Aggregate array
  3. User defined array
  4. Built-in array


Sets and Relations Quiz

MCQ. If a binary relation is antisymmetric and transitive is referred to as

  1. Impartial order
  2. Partial order
  3. Comparable order
  4. Non-comparable order


Need for Data Structures Quiz

MCQ. An ADT and data related to its implementation together make up a

  1. Type
  2. Class
  3. Object
  4. Member


Lists Quiz

MCQ. ?rst link node of list is accessed from a pointer named

  1. Tail
  2. Head
  3. Terminator
  4. Initiator