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Read only memory multiple choice questions (MCQs), read only memory quiz answers to learn CS courses for online computer science degree. Msi and pld components MCQs with answers, read only memory quiz questions and answers for online computer science degree. Learn introduction to msi and pld components, decoders and encoders, multiplexers, binary adder and subtractor, read only memory test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn msi and pld components test MCQs: prom stands for, with choices permanent read only memory, portable read only memory, programmable read only memory, and plugin read only memory for online computer science degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning read only memory quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major .

MCQ on Read Only MemoryQuiz Book Download

MCQ: PROM stands for

  1. Permanent Read Only Memory
  2. Portable Read Only Memory
  3. Programmable Read Only Memory
  4. Plugin Read Only Memory

MCQ: ROM is a

  1. non volatile memory
  2. secondary memory
  3. volatile memory
  4. small memory


MCQ: Rom can be programmed in

  1. 2 ways
  2. 3 ways
  3. 4 ways
  4. 5 ways


MCQ: ROM is a device that includes both decoder and?

  1. encoder
  2. Multiplexer
  3. OR Gates
  4. None


MCQ: Blowing of fuses are referred to as ROM's

  1. memory
  2. cells
  3. blocks
  4. programming