Decimal Adder Quiz Questions and Answers 139 PDF Download

Learn decimal adder quiz online, digital logic design test 139 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free msi & pld components quiz, decimal adder multiple choice questions and answers to learn digital logic design quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on decimal adder test with answers, bipolar transistor characteristics, nand and nor implementation, concluding remarks dld, design procedure in sequential logic, decimal adder practice test for online XAND gate courses distance learning.

Free online decimal adder course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: addition of two decimal digits in bcd can be done through with options bcd adder, full adder, ripple carry adder and carry look ahead with online study guide to prepare for employment tests and pre-employment screening test, study msi & pld components multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Decimal Adder Worksheet 139 Quiz PDF Download

Decimal Adder Quiz

MCQ: Addition of two decimal digits in BCD can be done through

  1. BCD adder
  2. full adder
  3. ripple carry adder
  4. carry look ahead


Design Procedure in Sequential Logic Quiz

MCQ: In last step of design procedure we

  1. draw map
  2. draw circuit
  3. draw table
  4. draw a logic diagram


Concluding Remarks DLD Quiz

MCQ: Diagram modified by k-map is

  1. veitch diagram
  2. Venn diagram
  3. logic diagram
  4. both a and b


NAND and NOR Implementation Quiz

MCQ: One input NOR and NAND gate behaves like a

  1. converter
  2. inverter
  3. reflector
  4. differentiator


Bipolar Transistor Characteristics Quiz

MCQ: Forward biased transistor has voltage greater than

  1. 0.3
  2. 0.5
  3. 0.6
  4. 0.9