Dont Care Conditions Quiz Questions and Answers 12 PDF Download

Learn dont care conditions quiz, digital logic design online test 12 for distance learning degree, online courses. Colleges and universities courses, MCQs on simplification of boolean functions quiz, dont care conditions multiple choice questions and answers to learn digital logic design quiz with answers. Practice dont care conditions MCQs career test assessment on four variable map, cononical and standard forms, introduction to msi and pld components, introduction to asynchronous sequential logic, dont care conditions practice test for online introduction to digital design courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters degree in computer science questions, dont care conditions online course has multiple choice question (MCQs): logical sum of minters associated with boolean function specifies conditions under which function is with options equals to 1, equals to 0, none and both with online sample interview questions and answers, competitive tests preparation for jobs hiring. Learn simplification of boolean functions quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Dont Care Conditions Worksheet 12Quiz PDF Download

Dont Care Conditions Quiz

MCQ: Logical sum of minters associated with boolean function specifies conditions under which function is

  1. equals to 1
  2. equals to 0
  3. none
  4. both


Introduction to Asynchronous Sequential Logic Quiz

MCQ: In asynchronous circuit, changes occur with change of

  1. input
  2. output
  3. clock pulse
  4. time


Introduction to MSI and PLD Components Quiz

MCQ: Small Scale Integrated (SSI) circuit has several independent gates about

  1. 12 or 14 pins
  2. 13 or 14 pins
  3. 14 or 16 pins
  4. 15 or 16 pins


Cononical and Standard Forms Quiz

MCQ: Minterms are also called

  1. standard sum
  2. standard product
  3. standard division
  4. standard subtraction


Four Variable Map Quiz

MCQ: Minterms in a karnaugh map are marked with a

  1. y
  2. x
  3. 0
  4. 1