Introduction to Combinational Logics Quiz Questions and Answers 94 PDF Book Download

Introduction to combinational logics quiz, introduction to combinational logics MCQs with answers, digital logic design test prep 94 to learn CS courses for online classes. Combinational logics quiz questions and answers, introduction to combinational logics multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Learn MCQs, test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn introduction to combinational logics MCQ with multiple choice questions: for digital circuits logical circuits can be, with choices combinational, sequential, logical, and both a and b for computer technology degree online. Learn combinational logics questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for IT certifications.

Quiz on Introduction to Combinational Logics Worksheet 94 PDF Book Download

Introduction to Combinational Logics MCQ

MCQ: For digital circuits logical circuits can be

  1. combinational
  2. sequential
  3. logical
  4. both a and b


Design With Multiplixers MCQ

MCQ: Third level of design with multiplexer consists of

  1. Demultiplexer
  2. mux
  3. encoder
  4. decoder


Analysis of Asynchronous Sequential Logic MCQ

MCQ: First step of making transition table is

  1. determining feedback loop
  2. designating output of loops
  3. deriving functions of Y
  4. plotting Y


Rectangular Shape Symbols MCQ

MCQ: When an input/output is considered in terms of positive logic it is referred to as

  1. active low
  2. active high
  3. active medium
  4. off


Introduction to Algorithmic State Machine MCQ

MCQ: ASM stands for

  1. algorithmic state machine
  2. algorithmic solid machine
  3. arithmetic state machine
  4. arithmetic solid machine