Introduction to Registers Counters Quiz Questions and Answers 13 PDF eBook Download

Introduction to registers counters quiz questions and answers, introduction to registers counters MCQs with answers, digital logic design test prep 13 for certificate programs for software engineer. Registers counters and memory units quiz, introduction to registers counters multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Free introduction to registers counters MCQs, cononical and standard forms, tabulation method, subtractors in combinational logics, analysis of asynchronous sequential logic, introduction to registers counters test prep to learn free online courses.

Learn introduction to registers counters MCQ with multiple choice questions: memory that is called a read write memory is, with choices rom, eprom, ram, and registers for information and communication technology. Learn registers counters and memory units questions and answers, problem-solving for merit scholarships assessment test for top computer science schools in the world.

Quiz on Introduction to Registers Counters Worksheet 13 PDF eBook Download

Introduction to Registers Counters MCQ

MCQ: Memory that is called a read write memory is

  1. ROM
  2. EPROM
  3. RAM
  4. Registers


Analysis of Asynchronous Sequential Logic MCQ

MCQ: In synchronous circuits, present state is determined by

  1. Unclocked flip-flops
  2. clocked flip-flops
  3. flip-flops
  4. latches


Subtractors in Combinational Logics MCQ

MCQ: Subtraction of two binary numbers is accomplished by taking complement of Subtrahend and adding into

  1. output
  2. subtract or
  3. Minuend
  4. remainder


Tabulation Method MCQ

MCQ: Starting point of tabulation method that specify function is

  1. the list of minterms
  2. the list of maxterms
  3. the list of integers
  4. None


Cononical and Standard Forms MCQ

MCQ: Maxterms are also called

  1. standard sum
  2. standard product
  3. standard division
  4. standard subtraction