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Operator precedence multiple choice questions (MCQs), operator precedence quiz answers to learn CS courses for online computer science degree. Boolean algebra and logic gates MCQs with answers, operator precedence quiz questions and answers for computer technology degree online. Learn complement of a function, axiomatic definition of boolean algebra, basic theorems and properties of boolean algebra, cononical and standard forms, operator precedence test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn boolean algebra and logic gates test MCQs: first operator precedence for evaluating boolean expressions is, with choices parenthesis, and, or, and not for computer technology degree online. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning operator precedence quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major .

MCQ on Operator PrecedenceQuiz Book Download

MCQ: First operator precedence for evaluating Boolean expressions is

  1. parenthesis
  2. AND
  3. OR
  4. NOT


MCQ: Symbol representing AND operation

  1. (+)
  2. (.)
  3. (-)
  4. (/)