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Nor implementation MCQs, nor implementation quiz answers to learn CS courses online. Simplification of boolean functions multiple choice questions (MCQs), nor implementation quiz questions and answers for bachelor of engineering in software engineering. Demorgan theorem, map method, selection of prime implicants, nand implementation, nor implementation test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn simplification of boolean functions test MCQs: nor gate is implementation of, with choices not gates, or gates, and gates, and xor gates for bachelor of engineering in software engineering. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning nor implementation quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for IT certifications.

MCQ on NOR ImplementationQuiz Book Download

MCQ: NOR gate is implementation of

  1. NOT gates
  2. OR gates
  3. AND gates
  4. XOR gates


MCQ: OR invert is the

  1. conventional design
  2. unconventional symbol
  3. conventional symbol
  4. undefined symbol


MCQ: NOR gate requires function to be simplified in

  1. sum of product
  2. product of sum
  3. subtraction of product
  4. division of sum


MCQ: NOR function is dual of

  1. NOT gates
  2. NAND gate
  3. AND gates
  4. XOR gates


MCQ: One input NOR and NAND gate behaves like a

  1. converter
  2. inverter
  3. reflector
  4. differentiator