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Map method multiple choice questions (MCQs), map method quiz answers to learn CS courses for online computer science degree. Simplification of boolean functions MCQs with answers, map method quiz questions and answers for online colleges for information technology degree. Learn selection of prime implicants, nand implementation, four variable map, five variable map, or and invert implementations, map method test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn simplification of boolean functions test MCQs: nand function is represented by, with choices f=x, f=(xy)', f=xy, and f=(x+y)' for online colleges for information technology degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning map method quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major .

MCQ on Map MethodQuiz Book Download

MCQ: NAND function is represented by

  1. F=x
  2. F=(xy)'
  3. F=xy
  4. F=(x+y)'


MCQ: Karnaugh map is made up of

  1. circles
  2. squares
  3. rectangles
  4. triangles


MCQ: Each square in a karnaugh map represents a

  1. points
  2. values
  3. minterm
  4. maxterm


MCQ: Karnaugh map is also known as

  1. veitch diagram
  2. Venn diagram
  3. virtual diagram
  4. logic diagram