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Decimal codes MCQs, decimal codes quiz answers to learn online CS courses. Binary systems multiple choice questions (MCQs), decimal codes quiz questions and answers for online bachelors degree computer science. Alphanumeric codes, binary numbers, logic gates in digital logic design, signed binary number, decimal codes test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn binary systems test MCQs: decimal number 5 in bcd 8421 coding is equal to, with choices 101, 1001, 1010, and 1100 for online bachelors degree computer science. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning decimal codes quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for IT certifications.

MCQ on Decimal CodesQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Decimal number 5 in BCD 8421 coding is equal to

  1. 101
  2. 1001
  3. 1010
  4. 1100


MCQ: Decimal number 9 in BCD 8421 coding

  1. 1101
  2. 1001
  3. 1100
  4. 1110


MCQ: Bi-quinary code is seven bit code with

  1. Error correction properties
  2. Error detection properties
  3. Error transmission properties
  4. Parity transmission properties